About Me

Hello. I’m Rachel, aka The Generous Baker. I started this website because I like to bake and needed more reasons to bake. (Seriously. I give a side-eye to the people who say they started a baking blog to “give recipes to friends and family.” Like, really, how many people want your recipes? /EndRant)

The name BAKEROSITY is a play on the words baker and generosity. I’m generous with my bakes. I like to share them. I think sharing what you’ve made is half the fun.

I’m a journalist turned stay at home Mom. I am not a trained baker. Even though I have been baking for allllllllmmmmooostt 30 years, I am still self-taught and am always learning. Sometimes I tweak recipes I try, sometimes I don’t.

Thank you for stopping by. You can reach me by email at bakerosity at proton*mail dot com

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